Why Basing Decisions Around Estimates Is Not A Good Idea

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Here at Black Diamond Constructions, Wollongong’s experts in custom homes and renovations, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader. As a member of the Master Builders Association we are kept to date with the latest industry building and safety standards.

We are occasionally asked to provide a ballpark figure for projects, and this is generally asked of us when only simple concept plans have been established. A ballpark figure is essentially a guess or guesstimate.  

The process of providing a ballpark figure usually involves a builder looking briefly through your concepts, and providing a figure based on similar jobs they have done previously.  These ’similar’ jobs may have had very different requirements to your project. These requirements can only be fully understood once all the documents required for council and the certifier approval, have been obtained and provided to the builder.

At Black Diamond Constructions, a quote takes anywhere from 10-20 hours. This length of time showcases the level of detail and intricacy that is required to prepare a comprehensive quote. A thorough and accurate quote requires a comprehensive list of documents, as well as a thorough understanding of the project. Ballpark figures are based on limited information of your project, and could fluctuate fairly exponentially, due to the limited information that was originally provided. 

As mentioned, a ballpark figure is essentially a good “guess”, so why would you base a major financial decision such as renovation or new home,  on just a guesstimate? 

It is so important to get an accurate quote so all of your requirements are covered from a finance perspective. All of the details below are required to prepare an accurate quote. 

The scope of the work: This is typically an outline of the work required by the builder. Make it clear if you’ll be contracting to a third-party tradesman for parts of the construction or if you have the skills, where you’ll be doing the work yourself (although this is not advised)

The building plan: This should include engineering documents and soil tests. The builder needs to know exactly what’s involved and what you actually want to see in the completed home. It will also help them to figure out the total costs of material and labour as well as the timeframe for completion.

The building schedule: The materials, fittings and fixtures you want for the house. Be as detailed as possible to avoid a cost blowout.

With all of the correct information and details, the builder knows exactly what the job entails and what you expect to see in the finished project.

At Black Diamond Construction, Wollongong’s experts in custom home and renovations,  we  take the time to listen to our clients in order to deliver the project they want on-time and on-budget with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

You will be guided through the entire process from conception through to completion with a strong focus on quality service and products to deliver the home you imagined.

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