Should I Live Onsite During Our Renovation?

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Living onsite during a home’s construction or renovation has often been a typical method of saving costs during what can be an expensive period for both individuals and families. Many see the benefits associated with making a short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain. However, due to a number of reasons many are beginning to see the benefits from such a decision begin to diminish.


Firstly, living onsite during construction or renovation is something that needs to be scrutinised heavily by the client and their builder early in the process. What many forget is that the construction site is legally handed over to the builder giving them full control over access at all times. Hence, it is not uncommon that a builder doesn’t allow living onsite if they deem the exercise to be unsafe or unpractical for the occupants. Despite this, at <a href=””>Black Diamond Constructions</a> we will work with clients wherever practical to allow clients to live onsite as long as it is accepted as safe to do so.


Secondly, living onsite is not equal to living at home normally. Living in such an area can be noisy, dusty and widely uncomfortable with those not familiar with the day to day operations of a construction site. Often, you will have little control over your environment, with staff onsite early and frequently coming and going as they please. Not to mention, living onsite can be dangerous if not properly managed by your builder. In NSW, all construction is classified by Safe Work as ‘high risk’ as there are often dangerous tools, unsafe surfaces and working machinery present at all times. Further, children are not allowed onsite as per occupational health and safety regulations – leaving many families with little choice but to live offsite. 


Thirdly, the cost savings associated with living onsite may be matched by the expenses of living onsite. When living onsite, a certain area needs to be staged (i.e. the bedroom and bathroom) and separated from the rest of the construction. Here extra precautions around site safety, access and weatherproofing are needed to allow this to happen – all at extra cost. Furthermore, with the staged area and other precautions in place total construction time may be prolonged at cost to the client incurred not only from the builder but also from insurance fees. Overall, the staged area becomes an inconvenience for both the client and the builder. Hence, it’s obvious that you should consider the cost if saving money is the main cause for wanting to remain onsite.


Despite this, your experienced custom home builder understands that living offsite renting further accommodation is an extra expense that many individuals and families may want to avoid during what may already be one of their largest investments yet. We have the first-hand experience to discuss with you the pros and cons of living onsite to see what works for you and your unique construction.


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