Pre-Approval Process and Pre-Construction Package Details

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When planning a new construction, hunting for the best quote from a range of options is often a quintessential step in turning a design into a reality. However, what many of us may not understand is that a properly prepared quote is a complex document that takes upwards of 10 hours to prepare. Hence, your Wollongong custom home builders understand why many of our competitors are beginning to charge for these quotes.

Nevertheless, this is something that us at Black Diamond Constructions refuse to do – instead, your Wollongong custom home builders provide a free quote proposal service once you have your fully approved plans and documentation. Waiting until you have a fully approved set of documents before we do our quotes means you can be comfortably assured that the proposal you receive will be a fixed price quote encompassing all inclusions and costs leaving no room for surprises.

However, we understand that the quoting and approval processes can be both daunting and confusing if you are not wholly experienced doing them in the past. That’s why we offer our pre-approval package to guide you through your journey from concept to approval. Here, your dedicated Wollongong custom home builders will work alongside you and your designer to find out more about your build and budget to find the best course of action.

With our pre-approval package we will offer ideas and advice working with your concept plans before approval to make sure you are on track with your budget and offer ways to value engineer and maximize cost efficiency. The document you will receive as a result of the pre-approved package will be an acceptable provision to receive bank finance also. Moreover, the cost estimates we provide will be more accurate than a simple ballpark, and you’ll be offered a full breakdown of scope of works to help you understand the works involved.

Furthermore, if you wish to engage with us on an even deeper level of collaboration, we offer a pre-construction package in which we’ll take care of the project all the way from conception to completion. Here, we offer a full design and approval service; your plans will be designed, engineered and certified by our Wollongong team of experienced custom home professionals. Our pre-construction package is fully transparent, and you will receive regular updates to ensure that your plans are designed to give you exactly the result you are after.

Keep in mind that our pre-approved and pre-construction package options are both obligation free services that leave you free to take your plans to another builder at any stage. However, should you find yourself comfortable with our high standard of service and wish to continue with us, we’ll work with you to bring your project to life.

Here at Black Diamond Constructions we understand the complexities of construction – that’s why we are here to help ease the worry and confusion that comes along with it. For more information on our pre-approval and pre-construction packages and how we can help you – contact us on our website or call 0423 184 554